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~Trophy Aoudad Rams~
At CCR we tend to either "Spot and Stalk" (Preferred) or set up in a natural blind using our surroundings overlooking various scenic terrain. 

Physical Requirements:
For this style of hunt it will require difficult to extreme hiking. 

 The $48 non-resident 5 day Special Hunting Permit (type 157) online prior to your hunt at www.tpwd.state.tx.us 
Hunter Safety Card required if born after September 1, 1971.

September-Feburary (Rut is Mid-October to Mid-November)

Day 1- Fly into San Antonio, TX. Mid-day arrival at ranch around 3:45pm. Take out on Evening Hunt.
Day 2-Hunting
Day 3-Hunting(AM/PM) & depart camp for return trip home.  

Initial Fee:
(full amount required per hunter)

Pricing & Itinerary
We try to be as competitive as possible with our prices, and want you to get what you pay for! Our hunts are all fully-inclusive which is covered by our "Initial Fee"
2 1/2 day hunt, meals, beverages, transportation to & from airport, in-field transportation, housing &
in-field trophy care.
Guiding gratuity is encouraged. 
We are available to take your phone call, text message or respond via E-Mail anytime to answer any questions that you may have.
Additional Non-Hunter: $400 per person (for full 2 1/2 days)

Additional Day: $300 per person/per day. (Anything after 3 days)

Blood Drawing Fee: $1,500 ( If animal is not recovered)

Additional Species Harvesting Fee: $3,000 (Second animal per hunter will be discounted to flat-rate)

​~Initial Harvesting Fees~
​~Pricing Illustration~ 
Initial Fee + Initial Harvesting Fee Hunt Total

$2,500 + $1,250 (Axis)=$3,750

Additional Species (Any Trophy Exotic) = $3,000
Aoudad Ram: $2,000

Trophy Axis: $1,250

 Trophy Sika: $1,250

Mouflon Ram: $750

Blackbuck: $1,250