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About Cow Creek Ranch
Cow Creek Ranch is 4,600 acres of rough and beautiful Southwest Texas countryside. CCR has been family-owned and operated right here in Carta Valley, Texas since 1999. Since we started selling hunts in the Fall of 2011, we have had an extraordinary success rate with our clients. Hunting at Cow Creek Ranch will be an experience you will never forget, in the sense that when departing the ranch you will know that you have experienced some true Texas hunting. CCR has a whole lot to offer with various wildlife such as: Sika, Mouflon Sheep, Elk, Axis, Rio-Grande Turkey, Aoudad Sheep, Blackbuck, Feral Hogs & Whitetail. All of these are free ranging wildlife. Please check out the commercial below.   
Jess Luedtke, Land Representative

Jess has been hunting most of his life at Cow Creek Ranch. Also in various places across U.S. & different parts of the world. Jess is a recent graduate of Texas A&M University. 
Terry Luedtke, Land Owner

Terry has owned Cow Creek Ranch since 1999. He has made major modifications to C.C.R as well as hunting & fishing various species all over the U.S. & parts of the world.
Committed to our clients having the best hunt possible!
Doyle Reeves, Land Representative

Doyle has been with CCR for over 8 years. Doyle has hunted all over the United States & different parts of the world. He is a knowledgable asset to CCR and can answer any questions you may have.  
~Orion Adventures at Cow Creek Ranch~

Article by: Damon Bungard
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